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Spa Guard 16 ounces Spa Anti-Foam

Spa Guard 16 ounces Spa Anti-Foam

Ref: 1754142360

Spa Guard Anti Foam quickly eliminates any surface foam caused by undesirable compounds and detergents.

* For use with all sanitizer types
* For use in all spas and hot tubs

Foaming in a spa or hot tub is inevetiable. Imigine splashing a small drop of soap in a sink and splashing around. You get alot of foam from the soap! That's just an example, but you need something to combat foam. Our anti foam is tough to remove the problem with just a few drops. This is especially useful when the Calcium Hardness levels are lower then 200 ppm.

Price: $11.65 (Including MI State Sales Tax at 6%)

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