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Leisure Time 3 lbs pH Balance Plus

Leisure Time 3 lbs pH Balance Plus

Ref: 8533645410

pH Balance Plus

Locks in proper pH level from refill to refill even in hard water areas.

Fast dissolving granular formula
Locks in pH until next refill

1. Add 1-1/2 lbs. (half the jar) of pH Balance Plus for up to 250 gallons of spa water or the entire 3 lbs. for up to 500 gallons of spa water. Pour directly into spa.
2. Turn on jets and allow water to circulate for 15 minutes. Temporary cloudiness may occur, but the water will clear quickly once the product is fully dissolved.
3. Repeat the application each time you refill your spa with fresh water.

If local water conditions are extreme or spa usage is very heavy, first use Spa Up or Spa Down to bring the pH into the general range of 7.0-8.0, then follow the directions on the bottle. Once added, pH Balance Plus will lock in pH levels

Compatible With:
Chlorine, bromine and biguanide sanitizers.

Formulated especially for hard water.
Use at start-up as part of the Leisure Time Simple Spa Care™ program.

Price: $21.19 (Including MI State Sales Tax at 6%)

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