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Leisure Time 2 lbs Replenish

Leisure Time 2 lbs Replenish

Ref: 8533645310


Replenish is a 4-in-1 blend that combines the power of Oxone® with chlorine to shock, oxidize, buffer and clarify spa water. It is ideal for spas with mineral systems and is compatible with chlorine and bromine sanitizers. Replenish is completely soluble, dissolves quickly and keeps spa water clear and inviting.

Shock oxidizer, buffer and clarifier
Oxidizes, eliminates and controls organic contaminants
Ideal for spas with mineral systems
Combines the power of Oxone® with chlorine
For use in all spa types
Clears cloudy water
Reduces chloramines

Directions for Normal Bathing Loads:
For most spas with normal bathing loads, Replenish should be added after every use and once each week for maintenance.
Add one and one-half (1 ½) ounces of Replenish for every 300 gallons of spa water uniformly over the surface of the water. Apply when the spa is not in use. Each ounce of Replenish will raise the free chlorine concentration by about 2 ppm in 300 gallons of water. Test the sanitizer level prior to re-entry to ensure the residual sanitizer concentration is between 1-3 ppm.

Always add Replenish with pump and filter operating to ensure complete mixing and good circulation.

Compatible With:
Chlorine, bromine, ozone and salt water sanitizing systems

Replenish is completely soluble and dissolves quickly, so no mixing is required.

Price: $13.77 (Including MI State Sales Tax at 6%)

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