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Hot Springs Spa Part - Watkins Uprite

Hot Springs Spa Part - Watkins Uprite

Ref: WM96

UpRite® Retractable Cover System lifts the cover up over the spa bar top. It is ideal for limited clearance applications such as decks and gazebos. So feel free to square your spa up to your home or your gazebo.

This removal devise is meant to fit most Hot Spring, Tiger River, and Hot Spot spas after 1996. Sorry, but will not work with Hot Spring Classic Spas. Later in the order process we will ask you which spa you have and which year it is. You may also enter your spas serial number. This is neccessary so we can match up your Cover Cradle to your spa.

8" of clearance in the back of the spa.
6" of clearnace on the side of the spa.
A Factory original Hot Spring/Tiger River cover

POOLS PLUS does not recommend this devise if you live in an area with windy conditions.

Price: $338.35 (Including MI State Sales Tax at 6%)

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