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Black & Grey Aero Spa

Black & Grey Aero Spa

Ref: NP5868


Place the Aero Spa anywhere- your back yard, patio, or tote it along in your RV. No time-consuming or costly installation- simply remove the spa from its box, plug in, press a button, and watch the Aero Spa inflate in minutes! Fill the spa with your garden hose and turn on the filter & heater and you’re ready to enjoy your new hot tub! Aero Spa boasts these quality features:

•Durable vinyl construction
•211 Gallon capacity
•Seats up to 4 adults
•Outer diameter 73"; Inner diameter 55"
•Spa Height = 25.6"
•Easy Set-Up, no tools needed!
•Plugs into 110V outlet, 12 ' power cord included
•Zippered thermal cover
•Self inflates in minutes!
•Massaging Bubble System with 130 Air Jets!
•Includes filtration pump
•900W Thermostatically-Controlled heater – heats to 104° F
•Completely portable – easily folds for storing or traveling!
•3 month warranty on the hot tub, controls & heater
•Warranty valid in the United States only.
•Shipping weight = 50 lbs, dimension= 28"x22"x19"
•Made of durable 40 gauge PVC Vinyl and 19 gauge cloth
•Comes with 2 filter cartridges - clean or replace cartridges at least every 120 hours
• Includes repair patch and glue

Price: $686.83 (Including MI State Sales Tax at 6%)

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