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BioGuard Off The Wall Surface Cleaner 24 oz.

BioGuard Off The Wall Surface Cleaner 24 oz.

Ref: 1754163408x2

BioGuard Off the Wall Surface Cleaner is the replacement to SpaGuard Surface Cleaner. This new, thicker formula is 10 times thicker than the previous formula allowing easier use while the product clings to sponges, brushes, and pool and spa surfaces during application. The New Off The Wall is also an improvement upon our previous effective formula due to its ability to dissolve scale over 2 times faster then the previous version. The new Off The Wall formula allows you to efficiently remove scale, dirt, and stains on most types of pool and spa surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces. This new gel formula is specifically formulated for compatibility with swimming pool and spa water.

Price: $19.07 (Including MI State Sales Tax at 6%)

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