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Burnout 73

Burnout 73

Ref: 1754164882

Granular chlorine shock that when used as part of a BioGuard® Care System, provides crystal blue, sparkling water. Utilizing an advanced technology, it oxidizes organic contaminants that cause cloudy water, musty odors and eye irritation. This new 73% active formulation steps up the shocking power of our older formulated product, Burn Out Extreme® – meaning you will get more free available chlorine per application to kill bacteria and germs, clear cloudy water and remove harmful contaminants from your pool.

When ordering, select the increment of how many 1lb bags you would like to purchase. Note: MINIMUM ORDER of 12 BAGS! For Example, if you want to purchase 18 bags select the ADD TO CART button to the right of "12 or more" bags. Then you can select how many bags you desire. The more you purchase the more you save!!

Dosage: 1 lb per 16,000 gallons every 2 weeks

NOTE: This product can not be shipped to California at this time.


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